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Our Services are all $100 Per hour

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583 fenway drive   Charles Town, WV 25414                    

How long have you been in business? 

We've been established since 2011, we used to have a store front at 860 E Main Street in purcellville however we have closed that location because 65% of our business is onsite as many of our customers require onsite service such as networking and computer repairs.  

Why should I choose you over other computer repair companies?

You are our number #1 priority, we offer same day service.  We are the company you call when you need to be up and running ASAP.  We can solve a wide variety of complex solutions.  

Do you repair Apple Computers?


How long do most repairs take?

They can range anywhere from one to two hours of time per computer.  

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 30 Day warranty per every hour of labor that was performed we offer one hour under warranty per hour charged at the time of service specific to each problem that was worked on by the technician.  For example, if a technician has spent 1 hour onsite to setup a network printer so computers can print to it through the network and it is still not working, you have 1 hour of labor that can be used to resolve the problem within a 30 day window.  All onsite trips are subject to a $40 fee.  We can provide remote assistance that are not subject to the additional fee. If the technician was not aware of the problem at the time of service rendered, this would be considered a new problem and subject to a service call hourly charge.   For example, I want to setup the printer to scan files to a network folder that all computers can access; this would be considered a new problem and subject to an hourly rate. 

The power jack on my laptop is bad, is this worth fixing?

Yes, we have a provider out of state that we outsource the repair to, it takes several weeks to fix the average cost is around $200-$300.  Certain IBM / Lenovo models can be fixed within 1-2 weeks because the parts can be typically located in the USA and are not soldered to the motherboard.  

Do you work with small businesses?

Yes, a lot of our repeat work comes from small businesses. We setup centralized file sharing and redundancy, networking, etc.  

Is Premier Computer Repairs Responsible for Data loss?

No, we believe everyone should have a copy of their data for safe keeping.  Anytime we work with files we assume that customers have a complete backup.  If you don't please let us know so we can perform a backup for you before any work is started.  

What is your service area?  

We Cover Loudoun County, Clarke County, Jefferson County, and the city of Winchester.  We can go outside of this area but you would have to be referred by an existing customer.  

How do you charge?

We charge by the hour our current onsite rate is $90 per hour per technician.  Some customers need to be up ASAP, you will be notified ahead of time when an additional technician is dispatched.  Our remote support rate is $90 an hour, remote support  includes the following - Phone, email and remote assistance.  Anytime a phone call is longer than five minutes will subjugated to the above mentioned rates, we don't charge for setting up appointments within five minutes.  

What methods of payments do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, amex, cash and check

Can you send the customer and invoice and offer net 30 terms?

Yes. First time business customers will need to pay the same day of service with above listed forms of payment.  Any service calls after can be setup via net 30 days through an emailed invoice.  

Do communicate through text message? 

We can communicate through text messages with existing customers, if you are a new customer (one with no previous history) all text messages will be ignored.  You can send us a detailed email or call us to setup an appointment.